Cassie King

Published on:

February 17, 2017

Animal Rights New Recap 2/17/2017

DxE activists in Israel were assaulted outside of a slaughterhouse while excercising their legal right to observe and film the outside area.

This Valentine's Day, DxE Inland Empire disrupted a food court to deliver a message of love for all animals.

On a busy street in Sao Paulo, DxE activists spoke out for animals, sharing the simple truth that no animal deserves to be killed for taste. 

In the UK and around the world, the Save movement is gaining support as it shows the world the truth of what happens inside farms.

Want to get involved? DxE is a grassroots network focused on empowering you to be the best activist you can be. Here are some steps you can take. 

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  2. Join a local DxE community (or, better yet, come visit us in Berkeley).
  3. Take the Liberation Pledge. And join us in building a true social movement for animals.