Cassie King

Published on:

February 20, 2017

3 Things Our Nonhuman Companions Can Teach Us

By Zoe Rosenberg

1. Animals can feel, just like us.

Most of us have seen the excitement of our dogs when we come home after being gone for a few hours. Or maybe you’ve seen a turkey jump with joy when she is let out of her barn in the morning. Whoever you call family, to those of us who live with nonhumans, it’s obvious that they feel the same emotions we do.


2. Loving animals means not eating them.

You can’t love animals AND eat them. You just can’t. Many people realize this from spending time with dogs and cats. When someone is eating a dead chicken while petting their dog, the contradiction can help them put it all together.


 3. Helping animals is a moral obligation.

Many of us who are animal lovers are probably tired of hearing people call animals stupid or prioritize the lives of humans over nonhumans. We know that in reality, we are all animals and we are all equal. Just as we feel morally obligated to help a human in need, we should feel morally obligated to help a nonhuman animal.

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