Rachel Hipp

Published on:

April 26, 2017

Animal Rights Activist Profile: Alta Almeida

Q: What inspired you to first get involved with activism and to join DxE?

A: This is a very interesting subject. I have been a vegan for many years and I always thought that being a vegan was the very least I could do when faced with the need for total abolition. I started to get involved with some activist groups in Brazil a few years ago, but I always thought the activism was missing something, because activism in Brazil is unfortunately still crawling.

The first few times I saw the Direct Action videos, I could not believe it and I thought it was fantastic. The fury was like taking a punch in the stomach, the passion of so many people taking action to defend the animals. I thought it was fantastic. Parallel to this, I met a Brazilian who plays for DxE Berkeley, called Lucas Freitas and he proposed "Why do you guys not build a DxE chapter in Sao Paulo, Alta?". I then got a second punch in my stomach and I was part of the DxE. Being a part of a DxE action for me was a dream and that's when we started DxE Sao Paulo. I admire the strength of everyone, the organization, the commitment and the Love for everyone's animals in Direct Action.

Q: What is your favorite or most accomplished moment in activism or other DxE activity?

A: I realize every day, every little achievement, I think the most pleasure is the respect we earn, the respect that DxE Sao Paulo has of other groups in Brazil, Latin America and other countries. For example our last action "Open Rescue" had much recognition in Brazil and abroad. What I always hear said about the activists in Brazil is the fury of the good and the passion DxE for the animals, especially when we do the action. I want to forget everything and focus my love and energy on animals.

The most important moment for me is always the last action, and in our milestone action, we marched through the commercial center of Sao Paulo and it was a success. The activists ended up thrilled and received a lot of recognition.

Q: Are you a part of any working groups or unique activism in your chapter and how do they influence you?

A: Whatever I can get involved with that can somehow help the animals I get involved.

I want mainly in DxE Sao Paulo, to develop leadership, for the group to start walking alone regardless of my leadership or not, I also want to unite Brazilian activism, very separated by wars of vanities and intrigues. I always say and I repeat that people who want to be prayers of aesthetics and want to be incensed all the time are not real activists. True activist goes to the street and participates whenever he can.

Anyway, the DxE Sao Paulo, learns a lot with the global DxE network and has tried very hard to match the expectations of the larger community.

Q: How do you stay motivated as an activist?

A: Animals, my children and activism are my life.

I learned to give my best always in everything, not to be better than other people, but to have the conscience that I gave my best.

I do everything with love. I am a writer. I write with love. My job is in a company that I make with love. But my children and animals are the reason for my existence, my mission in this world is to fight for animals and this I will do until the end of my life. If we do not reach animal abolitionism before, so where possible to act I go, I have no fuss, nor pride. If it is for the animals, I will do anything. I commented with a friend that this month was going to leave a day to go to the movies, because the rest of the days I am involved with the animal rights cause. What makes me happy, what gives me pleasure, what makes me feel accomplished is to fight for animals.

Q: What advice would you give to new activists?

A: First: To fight for animals, see it as an honor and feel chosen by the universe to be a warrior for them.

Second: Do everything always with love, take the fury of good with you in your activism, do it with passion, give yourself to the cause and also be responsible. Fighting for them has to be commitment and a responsibility, because as I say to the activists of DxE Sao Paulo, It's not a joke, it's not fun and games, it's a responsibility. We're being the voice of at least 75 billion executions per industry per year.

Third: In each action, in each moment that participate in the animal cause, donate, totally surrender, do not allow distraction, do not allow conversations whose focus is not the animals.

Fourth: Discuss ethics, never discuss people. Do not engage in conversations that denigrate anyone, always discuss plans and projects, never people.

Fifth: Focus on animals, animals first always.

Q: Why Animal Liberation?

A: Because the human race destroyed the planet and enslaved and destroyed animals since its emergence on the planet.

Because these beings live the holocaust and live their hell precisely because man exists and I do not want to be part of human exploration and sadism. So animal liberation can redeem the right of animals to live free on the planet. I hope someday the animals and all their ancestors who must inhabit a world somewhere in love, light and energy forgive the human race for all the wickedness we have done to them.

As for humans, not all the infinite time in the universe will be enough to bring loss to us.

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