Cassie King

Published on:

April 28, 2017

These Animals' Stories Will Make You Want To Take Action

By Zoe Rosenberg


Ella was rescued from a “cage-free” Costco egg supplier. When activists with Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) found her, she was covered in feces and was suffering severe feather loss. Due to the extreme crowding at the farm, hens were being pecked at and even cannibalised. Safe at her new sanctuary home, Ella spent her first weeks there still terrified of other chickens, but she overcame that fear. Ella now has many chicken friends with whom she plays each and every day. She needs everyone to overcome their fears, go outside of their comfort zones, and speak up for animals.


Pao was rescued from a dog meat farm in Yulin, China where activists found him cowering in a corner. He was being forced to live in a dark, concrete building where he was never allowed outdoors. He had horrible hair loss and was terrified of people. Although he still hasn’t fully recovered from the psychological trauma he faced, he is living a happy life with his caregiver and rescuer, Julianne.


Miley was found as a piglet at Farmer John, a Costco pork supplier. She could barely stand due to severe septic arthritis. Had she stayed where she was, she would have died a slow and painful death. Luckily, activists rescued her and despite the severity of her arthritis, she overcame. Miley now roams and explores at an animal sanctuary where she will never have to fear for her life again. Miley wants everyone to speak out so that all animals can rise, just like she did.

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