Cassie King

Published on:

February 9, 2018

What the Egg Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

What's wrong with eggs?

Chickens have been bred to lay around 300 eggs each year when they would naturally produce under 15 eggs each year. Their bodies struggle to keep up with the demands humans have put on them and the majority of hens in the egg industry develop reproductive illnesses as a result. Moreover, hens will actually consume their own eggs for calcium and other nutrients if they are not stolen by humans. We have no need to take hens' eggs from them. We should not exploit these innocent animals in any way.

What about cage-free eggs?

Repeated investigations of cage-free egg farms have shown extreme crowding, starvation, injury, disease and even cannibalization. When hens are not kept in metal cages, they often end up packed together so tightly in barns that they are practically living in cages of flesh. Birds in cage-free farms have to fight for their food and water, and the smaller, weaker birds are often unable to reach it. Consumers want to believe that they are doing something good for animals when they buy cage-free eggs, but the hens on these farms often suffer even more than the hens on caged facilities. 

See the full investigative report of DxE's findings at a “humane-certified” California egg farm here.

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