Wayne Hsiung

Published on:

July 19, 2022

What I learned from saving Chester – then watching him die

DxE co-founder Wayne Hsiung recently shared the story of a very sick pig who was rescued from Farmer John. This is an excerpt from his Substack blog, The Simple Heart.
Wayne and Chester

"There are hard lessons from Chester’s life and death. I have asked myself, many times, if we should have saved another pig. From the moment I saw him, Chester’s condition was bad, and deteriorating. And the spot we reserved for Chester on the night of that rescue could have gone to another piglet, one who might still be alive today.

But “right” answers, in a system filled with such overwhelming cruelty, are hard to find. And I cannot regret saving Chester, even if he only received another three weeks of life. Those three weeks, I am sure, meant everything to him. They were his only taste of freedom. His only experience with a real life."

Read the full blog on Wayne's Substack, The Simple Heart.