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Whether you are organizing your first action or you’re helping your chapter get to the next level, the Organizer’s Hub has all the resources you need!


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DxE Chapter member handbook

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DxE's model is open-source, If you follow our core values, you are DxE.
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Resource Library

This library is a collection of resources to help you be the best activist and organizer you can be - both inside and outside the DxE network.

The content is broken down into main folders:

  1. Vision & Strategy: DxE’s big picture vision and our theory for how we are going to get from where we are now to animal liberation.
  2. Team Management & Relationships: How to effectively lead a team to achieve results.
  3. Protest & Demonstrations: Resources for organizing and taking on roles at protests. 
  4. Event Organizing: The basics of organizing non-protest events.
  5. Press and Social Media: Maximize the reach of your actions and campaigns through media. 
  6. Legal Resources: All resources related to police, civil disobedience, and the legal system. 
  7. Investigations: How to investigate animal abusing industries, plus key footage from past investigations.  
  8. Personal Organization: Tips for managing our time well and being organized and dependable so we can achieve more for animals and become better leaders. 
  9. Other

If you’re new, all this information might be a bit overwhelming. There is no need to read everything before getting started. In fact, the best way to learn is to do, so get out there as soon as you can!

If you have a request for a specific resource and cannot find it, or any feedback on the resource library, please email

This is the handbook for the San Francisco Bay chapter

DxE Chapter member handbook