Video of the rousing speeches delivered at the SF Bay Area Earthlings March.   

Intro - "For 10,000 years, since man first placed the yoke of tyranny on our fellow Earthlings, injustice has reigned. But that 10,000-year nightmare is ending. A new air of strength and resolve and passion is infusing the animal rights movement. We are no longer afraid to open our eyes to this violence. We are no longer afraid to speak truth to power. And we are no longer afraid to take direct action, in all its truth and simplicity and power."

Research - "We cannot allow anyone to be exploited just because they weren't born into the right group. Contrary to what our severely bigoted society would tell us, we see now that all that matters in the case of a being's suffering is their ability to suffer, and we will not stand idly by while they cry out in pain behind those closed doors!"

Companions - "We know that it will stop. We know that someday humans will look at chickens, rats and dogs as fellow earthlings. It’s inevitable. And I say it will happen in our life times. Now is a time for people all over the world to join together to say we are all earthlings,"

Clothing - "When I was blind, that is what I saw too. But today, when I look behind me, I see the sad eyes of an animal, an animal who is silently enduring so much pain, all by herself, with no one to cry to, with no one who will listen. When I look behind me, I don’t see things, I see misery, anguish, fear, and agony stitched into every piece of what is tomorrow going to be called a “handbag” or a coat."

Food - "The world is waking up. We are all realizing that earthlings are not food, but fellow living beings. And the revolution in Israel is teaching us a lesson: we will never win the freedom of our fellow earthlings by accommodating violence, whether it's eating with others who dine on the flesh of the innocent, or whether it's compromising for humane exploitation. We must boldly deny the idea that animals are ours to consume, especially when it's uncomfortable. Only when our voices unite for true peace for all earthlings, will we win. The fight has just begun. We are no longer blind to injustice."

Entertainment - "We are animal liberationists. We do not believe in zoos. We do not believe that animals should be imprisoned in cages. The board of supervisors needs to step in and make the zoo a refuge for animals, where their rights and welfare are of highest priority."

Closing - "It is the dream of a better world where the weakest and most gentle among us, are no longer tortured and killed for their meekness. A dream of a brighter world, where the darkness of the slaughterhouse and the factory farm is replaced by the light of sanctuary and shelter. A dream of a kinder world where a frightened little lamb, in a slaughterhouse, no longer has to be afraid. 

We will always have  nightmares, my friends. There's nothing we can do about that. But I want to remind all of you to never give up your dreams. Because change always comes faster than people think. Because it is always the dreamers of this world who bring that change.  And because it is when the dreamers of this world come together, that their greatest dreams are brought to life."