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Animal rights activists opposed to ‘factory farms’ protest outside Gavin Newsom’s home

The Sacramento Bee

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Chickens Severely Mistreated At “Humane” California Slaughterhouse, New Video Alleges

The Intercept

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Demonstrators protest alleged worker, animal abuses at Foster Farms facility

Fox 40

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Hundreds march for right of animals to live with ‘decency and kindness’

Oakland North

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Animal Rights Activists Stage ‘Blood Spill’ At UC Berkeley Over Contract With Tyson Foods

CBS Bay Area

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Animal Rights Activists Rally At In-N-Out

SF Gate

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Berkeley to serve vegan meals at jails, public buildings

The Hill

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‘Immensely powerful’: Activists laud city decision to commit to plant-based food

The Daily Californian

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Utah seeks to block animal rights activists from justifying factory farm break-in

Fox 13 Salt Lake City

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BREAKING: 9 Activists Arrested After Locking Down, Dumping Wildfire Debris at Gov. Newsom’s House

September 29, 2021

11 peaceful activists from the same group are still in custody on over $1 million total bail, following California slaughterhouse blockade Tuesday

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11 Peaceful Demonstrators Remain in Custody on $100,000 Bond Each, Following Protest at Chick-fil-A Supplying Slaughterhouse

September 28, 2021

Just-released hidden camera footage from inside the Foster Farms facility reveals fully-conscious animals routinely being improperly slaughtered -- conduct activists allege is criminal

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Animal Activist Fools Newsmax on Live TV, Posing as Tyson Foods CEO to Promote “Roasting Pigs Alive”

September 3, 2021

Imposter disavowed nonviolent animal rights activists as“terrorists”

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UC Berkeley Students Cover Sproul Hall Steps in Fake Blood, Protesting University’s Factory Farm Purchasing

August 25, 2021

Student-led investigation into UCB chicken supplier Tyson Foods shines new light on administration’s erroneous claims that it doesn’t supply from factory farms

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Following IPCC Climate Report, Berkeley Activists Slam Governor Newsom’s Wildfire Photo Op

August 9, 2021

Group behind Berkeley vegan transition bill says Newsom’s inaction on environmental impact of animal agriculture is unacceptable

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Activists Drop Banner From Roof of In-N-Out, Demanding the Company Cease Supplying From Factory Farms

August 7, 2021

California residents want the the company to disclose supplier information, citing animal abuse and environmental destruction

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Berkeley Becomes First U.S. City to Commit to Exclusively Plant-Based Food Purchases

July 27, 2021

Berkeley City Council passed a resolution late Tuesday to switch 50% of city expenditures on animal-based foods to plant-based by 2024, and commit to a long-term goal of 100% plant-based.

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Activists Held Rally at City Hall After 18 Hour Sit-In at Berkeley Mayor’s House

July 21, 2021

Activists want to keep the pressure on Mayor Arreguin’s climate commitments

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Activists Doused in Fake Blood, Locked in Cages Demand Neiman Marcus Drop Fur

June 27, 2021

Chanting activists entered the store holding placards while others rallied outside

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