Wayne Hsiung
Published on
November 20, 2013

The Faces of Change

The Roman god of transitions, Janus, had many faces. The Romans understood that all transitions have multiple dimensions: beginning and end, peace and conflict, tension and relief, resistance and change. 

The same, of course, is true of social transitions: diverse (and, sometimes, even conflicting) perspectives and people are necessary to understanding, and solving, complex social problems.

So, while the Bay Area chapter of DxE tends toward provocative disruptions -- actions that demand attention and leave a mark in passers-by (and through social media, far beyond), we also strongly support grassroots groups that are taking different approaches with the basic message of animal liberation. Indeed, it is a beautiful thing to see the different faces of this movement find their unique voice. Today is a wonderful demonstration of this. 

Exhibit A: check out this elegant and powerful action video by Wilson, Becca, and crew at the University of British Columbia Activists for Animals in Vancouver,  as part of DxE's Someone, Not Something day of action. With simple and heartfelt stories and images, the Vancouver activists converged on Chipotle to show the public and world, that every one of the animals killed by the company was Someone, Not Something. That every one was a gentle and defenseless being who did not deserve to die. 

You can see the emotion on the activists' faces, and hear the authenticity in their voices. "This is Rosa. She is someone, not something." It's hard not to be moved. Check it out. 

But across the world, and just a few days later, we have Exhibit B: the provocative 269life campaign struck again, targeting another grocery store as part of its Take Responsibility campaign. Dressed in Hazmat suits and enclosing the meat department with crime tape, they blockaded the store to show that what is happening is not food -- it is a violent crime. All eleven activists were arrested for their courageous act, but already (just a few hours later), media from the event has gone viral. 

 Activists with 269life converged in a grocery store to show the world that meat is not food. It's a violent crime. 
Activists with 269life converged in a grocery store to show the world that meat is not food. It's a violent crime.

Two demonstrations. Two cities, across the globe. But each under the same banner, for the same goal, and with the same dream: a world where every animal is free. 

The Romans were right: transition has many faces. And, in the long story of social justice, it is when the many faces of change come together, that we achieve real and permanent success.

Thank you, Wilson and Vancouver. Thank you, Sasha and Tel Aviv. You make all of us stronger. 

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