Wayne Hsiung
Published on
July 19, 2013

"Humane" Slavery?

One of DxE's organizers recently visited a "humane" dairy farm.  

The farm was small, the cows had water to drink, sprinklers to cool them down in case it became too hot, they were occasionally allowed to move around, and the space in which they were contained was relatively clean and spacious. 
I was looking around, hoping to view a horrific sight which may remotely resemble a large and industrious factory farm, but I couldn’t find anything. 
So then why did I leave the farm in tears? 
I left with tears in my eyes because my heart ached for the fearful look in the eyes of gentle individuals whose fear was evident in their demeanor. 
I left with tears in my eyes because though the mothers and calves were on the same property, they were separated by walls on either side, confused as to why they couldn't be with one another. 
I left with tears in my eyes because their rights as individuals were stolen the moment someone decided their fate as slaves, simply so he could profit off of their bodies. 
I left with tears in my eyes because no matter which way you slice it,
Exploitation and slavery is NEVER okay.

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