Wayne Hsiung
Published on
August 13, 2013

There's something happening in Israel...

And it's nicely illustrated by the below two graphs: 

The punchline? The world outside of Israel has a population that is 1000 times larger than Israel. And yet, in a single city (Tel Aviv, pop: 0.4 million), Israel will be mobilizing more than three times the number of activists for the Earthlings - No Longer Blind to Injustice - March for Animal Liberation. (This has been accompanied by a rapid increase in the number of surveyed vegetarians over the past 9 months -- now 5%, perhaps the highest in the world, outside of India.) 

It would be foolhardy to attribute this rapid shirt to a single factor. But the changes in Israel almost certainly have something to do with the spirit of resolve and confidence that has swept the animal rights community. No longer, are defenders of the animals satisfied with token gestures and half measures. They are speaking and acting directly for what they believe in -- total animal liberation -- and the results are astonishing. 

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