Wayne Hsiung
Published on
January 2, 2014

Peace, Not Violence (SF Bay Area Video)

On this holiday season, activists with Direct Action Everywhere converged on Chipotle and other restaurants as part of our "It's not Food, It's Violence" campaign. In simple choreographed displays, activists split into two visually distinct groups to represent the celebration of peace, on the one hand, and mourning over violence, on the other. The protests received press coverage locally in the Bay Area on Pacifica radio (KPFA), and nationally in the Examiner. But even more important, the images from around the country have been viewed thousands of times by people in our local communities. 

Please join our next demonstration on January 25. Together, we are making waves in social and mainstream media, and leaving a mark on passersby. But even more important, we are starting a long-needed dialogue and shift in this movement, and inspiring grassroots activists to stand strongly and confident for animals. 

“Animals! All of us are animals. That’s what it’s all about — working in tandem with people and animals. Because if animals live well, people live well.”

— Passerby at the Bay Area Protest

Write to the company, and let them know that you are horrified by their violence and deceit. Use the media from our campaign as a talking point in your local communities. And most important, get active on the campaign, and participate or even organize a local demonstration! If we are going to avoid being co-opted by industry, overcome the forces of social conservatism and inertia, and start a long-needed dialogue in our communities about the ethics of killing non-human persons, we need your help!

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