Wayne Hsiung
Published on
January 2, 2014

Unexpected Places

Augusta, Georgia -- and the South more generally -- are hardly known as bastions for animal liberation. But when an idea is strong enough, when a meme has enough energy and force, it can spread even to places unexpected. 

This is why it made me so happy and proud to receive these images in my mailbox this morning. Breeda O'Mahoney took it upon herself to go out with a few friends and take a stand against violence on New Year's Eve with materials from our It's not Food, It's Violence campaign. Breeda and company headed to downtown Augusta, outside of a restaurant called the Mellow Mushroom, and held DxE signs while distributing New Year's bags with information about animal rights. 

Great work, Breeda! What a way to kick off the new year: fighting for animals! 

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