Wayne Hsiung
Published on
January 29, 2014

Scenes from Today's UCSF Protest - January 29, 2014

Scenes, and a message, from today's UCSF protest as the Mission Bay campus.


There’s something troubling ahead.
There’s something troubling underfoot.
They committed no crime.        
And yet there, their bodies lie.
There are dogs, and there are cats.
There are monkeys and rats.
All of them suffered.
So UCSF’s funding would survive.
But we can stop the violence.
We can stop the lies.
Please join our campaign.
To protect our animal friends, to save their stolen lives.


UCSF says they have rigorous standards. But the supposedly rigorous Animal Welfare Act excludes the vast majority of animals from its protection.

UCSF says they treat their animals humanely. But their own reports indicate that countless animals go through excruciating procedures without painkillers, including the amputation of limbs.

UCSF says they are a leader in animal care. But the only thing they are leading the world in, is violence against animals, with 1 million victims every year.

So why do they continue to deceive the public? Because they have something to hide: the truth. Monkeys starving to death as they beg for food inside grim cages. A sweet little mouse, her throat parched dry from dehydration, wasting away as she dies of thirst . A poor little girl named Petra, languishing for years in a cage with a hole in her head – the product of just another botched surgical procedure.

So please read about our campaign. And join us if you are against the abuse of animals. UCSF should be a place of science and life, not violence and death. And, with your support, we can make sure every animal is safe and happy and free. 

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