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February 20, 2014

Telling Their Stories

Organizing Principle #3: WE TELL STORIES TO INSPIRE. We tell stories from the animals’ perspectives. Stories to radicalize. Stories to move people. Stories to change the world.

For our February action ("Love is Action") in our campaign against Chipotle, we created 8 new handouts, each featuring one rescued individual and a part of their story.

To challenge this speciesist society that regards nonhumans as objects, it is critical that we make a concerted effort to share the stories of victimized animals, to make it very clear that they are each someone, not something. The oppressed beings' voices are more important than anything else in a movement for justice -- those voices are the reason we fight, and we demand their liberation because they are crying for it -- and as their advocates, it is our responsibility to share their perspectives and cries for help to the best of our ability.

These are the faces we fight for. Keep them always at the front of your mind when you speak for them.

Thank you Animal Place for sharing the photos and stories we featured for half of these handouts!

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