Published on
March 3, 2014

When Distance Distracts Us

(by Kelly & Glenn)

What if the animals being denied their right to life by Chipotle's hands were actually killed right behind the counter, instead of out of sight somewhere far away? The violence is the same. The injustice is the same.

Would we happily order our Sofritas burrito with a smile, or would we stop the violence?

Think about that for a second.

If someone were enacting violence against a defenseless animal right in front of you, would you do everything in your power to stop them? Of course you would. Even people who eat animals would. And you would try to stop that murderer even if they handed you a tofu burrito with one hand while they slit a pig's throat with the other. You certainly wouldn't happily take the tofu burrito and remain silent about the injustice happening right in front of you. So why behave any differently when the violence is removed and you're only faced with its results?

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