Wilson Wong
Published on
September 29, 2015

An interview with Wolfgang- the 7 year old who asked for #DogMeatPlease

By Wilson Wong

As an engineering major in university, the most memorable and impactful course I ever took was a philosophy class taught by Michaela Lucas - someone who would eventually turn out to be the biggest reason I care about animal rights today.

At the height of this month's #DogMeatPlease campaign then, my heart leapt out of my chest when Michaela, the same professor who first inspired me to care about animal rights,  commented on a #DogMeatPlease challenge video by Kitty Jones. She mentioned that her 7 year old son Wolfy (Wolfgang) watched the video, was inspired, and wanted to do one too. That very evening, Wolfy already began practicing his speakout (see video on the right).

When it became my turn to do a #DogMeatPlease disruption of my own, I had to extend a friendly challenge to Michaela and Wolfy to do one too. Who better to challenge than the very person (and her son) who inspired me to fight for nonhuman justice in the first place?

Wolfy delivered.

In a video with over 16,000 views and 350 likes (at time of writing) - Wolfy walks into a McDonald's, politely waits in line, then asks for #DogMeatPlease. Watch what happens when he asks: "Why do you serve all these other animals that also want to live?"

Wolfgang the activist in action! He went to McDonalds and asked for dog meat and questioned why they serve other animals...

Posted by Michaela Lucas on Friday, 18 September 2015

Unfortunately Michaela's camera ran out of memory right before Wolfy addressed the crowd at large. Given that he just debated 3 humans over 3 times his age without a whiff of anxiousness - we're sure he did an amazing job.

Over the weekend, Chris and I got a chance to chat with Wolfy. We asked him what made him decide to do the challenge, and how he felt about it all. Check out his sometimes sassy, sometimes adorable, and all the time remarkable personality in the interview:

My takeaway? Never underestimate just how much we can empower and inspire others to take action for animals.

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