Priya Sawhney
Published on
January 27, 2016


Five Things Animals Would Say If They Could

by Kitty Jones

"Vegan options"?! I need you to fight for me!

We must fight for the individuals being exploited and murdered by animal agriculture. In the consumer-centered world we live in, veganism has become a marketable and trendy "lifestyle." However, we must not confuse vegan consumerism and vegan options for animal liberation. As activists, it is our jobs to fight for the animals, not for consumer products.

...Ben & Jerry's has vegan ice cream...good for you. They also killed my mother.

While many animal advocates are celebrating that Ben & Jerry's is going to offer vegan ice cream flavors in the future, which I am sure will be delicious…how do the animals feel about this? For them, vegan ice cream means nothing because they are still being born in the prisons we call farms, and their families are still being killed. We must fight for the victims of animal agriculture as we would fight for the animals that we know and love in our own homes. What would we do if our dogs were the ones being exploited for their breast milk?

It is not about you.

Activism is not a hobby or a way to be cool, activism is a commitment to justice. The activism we do is not about us, it is about the victims. We fight for animal liberation, we fight for a better world for ALL animals – including human animals – because we must. Don't forget who you are fighting for. We will achieve animal liberation, I am sure of that, but we must leave our egos behind. We are in this fight together and we are in it for all of us, not just ourselves.

You have time to go to the protest.

Activism is a lifelong commitment. We must make time and not excuses to fight for animal liberation. The systems, corporations and ideologies that perpetuate human supremacy and speciesism are not going to go away voluntarily – we must challenge and disrupt them. If you are able to, make the time to go to the protest, community event, or other activist event. The animals need you.

Veganism without justice will never set me free.

Being vegan is absolutely essential, but it is not the best that we can do. Companies and brands actively try to commodify and market veganism. It is vital that we remind the world that veganism is not a diet, veganism is not a personal choice, and veganism is not a trend. Rather, veganism is actively taking a stand for the animals. Veganism is fighting until every animal is safe, happy, and free.

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