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March 16, 2016

Why DxE Wednesday IV: Zoe Rosenberg

This is the latest installment in a series of interviews with DxE activists conducted by Rachel Waite, who is part of the blog team and an organizer for DxE Grand Rapids (MI)

Q: What inspired you to first get involved with activism and join DxE?

I first got involved in activism when I was eleven years old. I started Happy Hen Chicken Rescue after learning about a hen rescue in Australia. That summer, after I turned twelve, I saw a disruption video from DxE. I had never felt so inspired to do something. That fall, I organized a protest at a local bacon festival, but it wasn't through DxE. Priya reached out to me and asked if we wanted to start organizing monthly protests in San Luis Obispo. In January of 2015, we organized a Whole Foods disruption. Best decision of my life! Before DxE, I thought animal liberation was thousands of years away. Now I know that we can get animals the rights they deserve so much sooner than that, but only if we fight with urgency.

Q: What is your favorite or most accomplished moment in activism or other DxE activity?

Chris (from the Bay Area) and Almira (from Vancouver) were visiting and we decided to do a protest. When we arrived in downtown San Luis Obispo, there was a large farmer's market. There were barbecues and restaurant booths serving the flesh and secretions of animals. So we marched through the farmer's market with a large banner. We were chanting and giving short speakouts. Then, someone joined us. By the end of the disruption, which started with three people, there were twelve of us. It was incredible to see so many people step up and be a voice for the animals!

Q: Tell us about your animal rescue work and does this influence your activism?

  Activist Zoe Rosenberg speaking powerfully for animal liberation.
Activist Zoe Rosenberg speaking powerfully for animal liberation.

Being around the animals at the sanctuary keeps me fighting strongly. How could I not speak up for them? I love sharing their stories during disruptions to show people that they're individuals, not products. I've seen animals come from certain death to a life of happiness. I've seen how they react and adjust, and I think this helps so much during protests. It makes it so much easier to tell people how it feels for them, to be free after a life of imprisonment.

Q: What keeps you motivated in your activism?

The animals and other activists keep me inspired and motivated to keep fighting. When I feel disempowered, just watching a disruption can inspire me to keep going. It's important not to forget why we are fighting.

Q: What advice would you give to new activists?

Never give up. Animal liberation is possible. There was a time when people were laughed at for trying to get women the right to vote. Today, not only do we have the right to vote, but there is a woman running for president! And I know that we can get animals the right to live.

Q: Why Animal Liberation?

Animal liberation because no one deserves to be exploited, abused, or murdered. Everyone deserves love, compassion, and the right to live.

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