Wayne Hsiung
Published on
January 31, 2017

DxE Files Suit against Whole Foods Supplier for Fraud

DxE Files Suit Against Whole Foods Supplier for DECEPTIVE MARKETING

DxE filed a lawsuit today against Whole Foods supplier Diestel Turkey Ranch for marketing their products with misleading animal welfare statements such as "range-grown" and "thoughtfully-raised." The suit, which was based on DxE's groundbreaking investigation of a "best of the best" turkey farm, may be the first of many, as more and more consumers and advocacy organizations are concerned about integrity in our food system. We expect the suit to send a message to suppliers across the nation, as they will not be able to cover up their abuses with false marketing claims. We also expect it to spur alliances with consumer protection groups. Finally, suits like this will further stigmatize a violent and fraudulent industry, as more and more members of the public recognize that there's no "humane" way to kill an animal who does not want to die. 

 Angie, one of the tiny birds DxE saved from starving to death on the floor of the Whole Foods farm. 
Angie, one of the tiny birds DxE saved from starving to death on the floor of the Whole Foods farm.

Animal exploiting industries realize the public is against them, and they have devised ingenious marketing strategies to undermine our movement's challenge to their abuses. This suit will be our first legal foray to challenge the industry's lies. 

Make sure to sign and share our petition to Whole Foods CEO John Mackey below, as his company's suppliers have been the target of repeat DxE investigations showing horrific conditions. And chip in a few dollars to our muckraking, lifesaving work if you can.


Multiple investigations by DxE have found sickening conditions at Whole Foods Farms. Ask the Whole Foods CEO John Mackey (a vegan) to stop the exploitation of animals at his company! 

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