Cassie King
Published on
February 21, 2017

The Question That Changed My Perspective

By Gin Beecher

     On Thanksgiving in 2014 my son Jude saw his first uncooked whole turkey. It was the legs that got him. He didn't understand why our food had legs. And I had made a promise to myself and Jude, that I wouldn't lie to him. I wouldn't sugar coat or trick him into believing something dishonest. So I explained to him the course of nature, of survival and the "food chain." He stared at me with his big eyes full of tears unable to believe what I was saying. He then asked me one question I will never forget. "Did you ask the turkey if you could kill them?"

     That was when I knew he was much more in tune with the universe than I ever was. It was then he questioned every meal I cooked. He refused to eat anything that once had a beating heart. I was frustrated. Confused, but supportive. Food became complicated, but I wanted to make certain he knew I had his back no matter what. He helped me to question everything that I thought I knew to be true. 

     In January of 2016, Jude learned about the horrible things that happen to dairy cows and their babies. Immediately, he denounced all dairy products. In November, Jude and I had our first 100% vegan Thanksgiving, and this January Jude celebrated his veganniversary. I am incredibly thankful for the bond Jude and I have and for the way he has inspired me to be more compassionate. I know he will continue to inspire people towards compassion all his life. 

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