Wayne Hsiung
Published on
February 3, 2017

DxE Activist Charged for Rescuing Hen Tormented by Costco

 Ella, before the rescue, and moments after she came into Diane's arms. Ella was rushed to the vet and survived her ordeal. 
Ella, before the rescue, and moments after she came into Diane's arms. Ella was rushed to the vet and survived her ordeal.

DxE activist charged for rescuing hen tormented by costco

Diane Gandee Sorbi, a Bay Area retiree and DxE activist, was charged with theft, larceny, and criminal mischief last night for allegedly rescuing a hen, Ella, from being tormented on a "cage-free," "certified humane" Costco egg farm

When DxE found Ella, she was covered in feces and barely able to stand. She had been pecked clean of feathers, and would have collapsed and died within days, if not hours. Cannibalism was rampant in the farm, as birds fought with each other in the crowded, filthy conditions. The mistreatment of animals on the farm constituted criminal cruelty in the state of California.

DxE activists were forced to rush Ella to receive emergency medical care to save her life. And she survived. Now Ella lives a happy life in sanctuary. She saw the sun for the first time. She felt real earth under her feet. And she had the chance to make friends, dust bathe, and play -- all experiences that she never had before. 

But Costco and the farm are not being charged with crimes, despite viciously tormenting Ella. Instead, Diane is. Costco and the farm pressured the DA to bring charges in a case where they -- and not the activists -- were involved in gross misconduct. 

This is a breathtaking injustice, and we need you to help us correct it. 

  1. Call the San Joaquin District Attorney at (209) 468-2400 and ask to leave a message for District Attorney Tori Salazar and Deputy DA Peter Devencenzi. Politely say: 

    Please prosecute animal cruelty, not whistleblowers. Drop the charges against Diane Gandee Sorbi. 

  2. Click here to tweet at Costco to stop punishing activists for helping animals, with the hashtag #SupportDiane.
  3. Click here to visit Costco's facebook page and comment on their page or on page posts registering your concern about Diane's case.  
  4. Click here to support the DxE Open Rescue Network (and activists like Diane) by making a monthly contribution. 

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