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March 9, 2017

Cal Student Animal Rescuers Are Speaking the Truth

 Olivia Staser, Daily Californian Staff
Olivia Staser, Daily Californian Staff

From Cassie King in this week's Daily Californian: 

"Most of my classmates have probably never heard the term “open rescue,” which refers to the activity that has kept me up for hours at night several times in the past few months. Open rescue is the quietly radical act of entering farms, filming the conditions found inside and taking out the animals in the most severe need of care. It’s something that would be normal and widely celebrated were these animals dogs and cats. Instead, the act is often criminalized. By doing it, I am taking a stand against animal exploitation and the laws that allow it to continue. My act in solidarity with three other groups around the world this past weekend inspired thousands of people with the stories of animals rescued from violence."

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