Cassie King
Published on
August 24, 2017

From Dog Therapy to Animal Rights

By Nancy Stanley

My own dear dog companion, Truffles, taught me how much love and joy nonhuman animals can bring into our lives. Inspired by my love for animals, I began introducing pet therapy into children's hospitals and convalescent homes in 1982. In addition to helping these individuals to connect with nonhuman animals, I have also spent years advocating for animal rights, although I have been specifically focused on protecting dogs from abuse. However, the more I have been drawn into the world of animal rights activism, the more I have realized that there are so many other animals for whom I must speak up.

Pigs, chickens, cows, and all animals deserve love just as much as the dogs in our own homes do. That is why I am donating a portion of my book sales to Direct Action Everywhere so that they can continue to save animals like Lily, who was rescued from a Smithfield pig farm in Utah, and Oliver, who was rescued from a dog farm in Yulin, China. DxE fights for the safety and freedom of all animals, and I think that's what each of us needs to do.

For years I have seen nonhuman animals help humans through difficult times, and NOW, it is time for us humans to help the animals who need us the most. 

You can buy a copy of my book, Pillow with a Heartbeat, and support DxE's life-saving work by clicking here. Narrated by Truffles, the story is a great way to help friends and family think from the animals' perspective.

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