Cassie King
Published on
February 2, 2018


Every single year humans kill over 56 billion animals for food, and countless more marine animals whose lives are never even tallied. Each one of these animals is a sentient individual, capable of feeling fear, joy, and pain just like us. Each one of these animals deserves the right to live free and safe from harm.

Each one of these animals is someone who needs you to take action. If you agree, then join us in fighting for their rights. Direct Action Everywhere is a grassroots animal rights network focused on empowering you to be the best activist you can be.

We need your help to save animals like Oliver, who was rescued from a dog meat farm in Yulin, China, and Miley, who was rescued from a pig meat farm in Los Angeles, and then to share their stories with the world.

Will you take action to help animals just like them?

SIGN this petition asking the UN to include animal rights in its universal periodic review

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